Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blood clots in dogs

As much as I have concentrated on learning more about health issues in dogs, I never thought of the possibility of our pets developing blood clots. Just as in humans, blood clots can form throughout the body of a dog; most commonly in the heart, lungs, legs, and brain.

Lucy at the beach Christmas 2010
So why am I discussing this serious subject today? Late last week, our friends, Steve* and Kristina, lost their beloved Beagle, Lucy, to a blood clot in the lungs. I don't know all the details at this time, but it was obviously traumatic and Lucy will be sadly missed; and yet fondly remembered. Our sympathies are with them.

So this posting is in memory of Lucy and to hopefully help others become aware of what to look for to prevent the same thing from happening with their pet.

While researching the subject last night and this morning, I have come across a number of articles outlining the possible causes. In some instances, and obviously if caught soon enough, the clots can be treated. The symptoms vary dependent upon where in the body the clot or clots are located. And the treatments vary dependent on the location or cause of the clot.

Just some of the symptoms according to Vetinfo.com>

The symptoms of blood clots will depend on where the blood clots form.

If the blood clot is located in the dog’s limbs, he may have cold limbs and may not be able to move his affected limb properly. Paralysis may also be possible.

If the blood clot is in the dog’s lungs, the dog will cough and have difficulties breathing and you may also notice the dog doesn’t have a pulse.

A blood clot in the heart can cause a general state of weakness, breathing problems and irregular pulse. The dog may also faint suddenly and be confused.
Read more about the causes and cures: Blood Clots in Dogs

Take time to learn more about blood clots in dogs, so you'll be aware of the symptoms and can get the care necessary to save your beloved pet.

(*Steve designed most of the logos for eco-dogs.com and makes a fine batch or two of chili)

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