Friday, May 13, 2011

Are hemp products good for your dog?

I suppose this is one topic I never really considered or thought about much. Being in the pet industry, I know a number of products are made from hemp fabric. But what about the health benefits of hemp oil and other derivatives to your dog?

I started thinking more about this yesterday after I had a rather long discussion with a representative of a company in Wisconsin that sells a bath product made with 10% hemp oil. The rep went on to tell me how the hemp helps deter itching in many dogs. Ah, something I had no clue about. I had heard from some folks that hemp collars caused dogs to itch, so this information yesterday was revealing. While as a fabric the hemp may cause itching, the oil from the hemp plant may deter it. Interesting.

But apparently there are many medicinal benefits that come from feeding your dog hemp supplements also.

Hemp protein powder and hemp seed oil are not only super-foods for people, but can also do wonders for your pet (including dogs, cats and horses). Hemp is filled with important and crucial nutrition including polyunsaturated good fats [with naturally occurring ideal 1:3 ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs)], protein, vitamins (including vitamin B1, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E), antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber, iron, enzymes, and more - making it an excellent addition to your pet's meal plan.

The benefits of hemp for your pet's healthy include:
* strengthens the immune system
* supports a healthy weight
* increases energy
* improves condition of skin and fur

Unlike many other foods, hemp is easily digestible by the body and shown to aid the system in any recovery work it needs to do, as well as for the maintenance of good health.

While the movement towards incorporating hemp into a companion animal's diet is still in its infancy, veterinarians are also slowly starting to discover the value of this miracle plant.

It is important to note that dogs and cats are predominantly carnivorous and so are built to eat meat. That's why hemp oil and hemp protein powder products need to be added as a supplement to the diet, not as a replacement.
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So why is it illegal to grow hemp in the U.S.? I'm not really sure. From what I read on the subject, although hemp is related to marijuana, the level of THC in hemp is not nearly the level of that in marijuana. Apparently a person would have to ingest quite a bit of hemp for it to have the same psychotic effect.  I do know there are efforts underway to allow farmers to grow hemp legally. I'm just not sure where all the politics currently stand.


  1. I'm wondering what people have experienced after giving their dogs hemp. I am trying to put weight on my older dog and build her muscle mass, but I'm afraid of increasing her meat intake too much. I was thinking of sprinkling some of my help protein powder on her meals. There are so many things that affect dogs, though, I'm a little afraid to do this.

  2. i have regularly fed my dog high grade fish oil for years. he doesn't like fish at all, but combined in food he likes the oil. We have recently switched over to Hemp Oil in last 6mos --- he loves this EVEN more and this has been great for his coat and his attitude. It will help your dog maintain a healthy wait. I use Nutiva "cold pressed" Organic Hemp oil comes in a 700ml bottle -- can be stored in freezer (will not freeze) for longer periods of time, otherwise i keep in the fridge ---- its also less than 1/2 the price of high grade fish oils!! Hemp Oil will make your dogs Immune System BIONIC!!!

  3. Be sure to consult your vet before introducing your dog to anything new. I left my breakfast smoothie out on the coffee table which had 4 tablespoons of hemp protein. My dog drank the entire smoothie before I could even say the words "get down!". That evening she was vomiting repeatedly. I took her to the vet the very next morning. They aren't 100% sure that the cause was from the hemp protein, but her vomit is the exact same color. She is at the vet now, having to leave her there with severe dehydration from lack of appetite. They say it's possible she could have a food allergy or intollerance which would be unique to her and not all dogs. But please!! be careful what you leave around and or feed your pets. Trust me i will never turn my back again! I am worried sick! She wont eat or drink and her condition is progressively getting worse! ALWAYS BE CAUTIOUS!

  4. Thank you for all your info .Today i had some cereal and added some Hemp seed. my Chichuachua loves milk has since she was a baby so I always safe the milk for he. But she started to go wild after she drank it and her heart beat was fast so I was worried. but finally clamed down.

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  6. Its illegal to grow hemp in the US because like everything else its based on a totally corrupt fed govt. Hemp was banned many many decades ago not because of its relation to pot. Industrial hemp has almost zero THC. You can smoke your brains out and get nothing. It was banned because of successful lobbying from the wood and textile industries because hemp grows much faster than wood and can produce many of the same products like paper, rope, clothing, protein powder, oil etc. It is one of the most perfect crops. Requires almost no attention from farmers, growns fast, multiple crops per year and is great for the soil when plowed under. Any govt with common sense who does not have their head up their ass would praise hemp for the great crop it is. Just one more example of how messed up the US Govt is.