Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five New Dog Breeds of 2012

We may never know the circumstances surrounding that first meeting of dog and man and the question of canine domestication will be long argued and discussed, rationalized and mythologized.

It is a fact, however, that since that first historic meeting humans have been driven to select and cultivate dogs that would fulfill specific needs.

To create a breed, similar breeds with desired characteristics are bred together in order to enhance desired traits and slowly weed out undesired traits to eventually create a new breed.  Dedicated breeders work diligently to carefully shape the desired genetic outcome, weighing looks, temperament and health as well as working ability to achieve their goal.  When the desired offspring are breeding true to type, when no more outcrossing of breeds is required to develop the breed traits and the pedigrees are accepted by the breed club a new breed has been created.

Last year the AKC accepted five new breeds into their record books.  Each one is beautiful and highly specialized.
 To see the five new breeds, check out the article on>

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