Monday, April 15, 2013

Pets on Prozac

Maybe this is what Blue dog needs for his mood swings and anxiety attacks during thunderstorms.

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When April Spicer, 42, first adopted El Vez six years ago he was really quiet. The tiny Chihuahua mix spent the first few days in their Prospect Heights apartment cowering, as if scared. But soon, she says “he started to exhibit some unusual behaviors.”

El Vez became aggressive toward other dogs and would howl incessantly when left alone in the apartment. “He always seemed to be in a level of distress,” she recalls.

Spicer tried holistic remedies to soothe the dog, but nothing worked. “When he was in the red zone, you couldn’t distract him,” she says. Finally, four years ago, she turned to Prozac and the dog calmed down.

In 2007, the FDA approved Prozac, the antidepressant oft prescribed to humans, to treat “canine separation anxiety.” Eli Lilly currently sells it for pets under the name Reconcile. It’s one of many pharmaceutical drugs now being prescribed by veterinarians to treat behavior issues like aggression, anxiety, compulsive disorders like tail chasing and even house soiling.
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